Live Video for Construction

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RTIS opens up new frontiers for improving site project management through our Streaming HD Live Video Broadcasting solution. Our HD Live Video Broadcasting solution is based on a robust infrastructure and an outstanding video delivery network platform. Our platform is your global delivery system that distributes your content from our leading-edge data centers. We are reliable and scalable allowing unlimited viewers to connect without latency.

Stream It!

With Live Video Broadcasting, your projects can be viewed in streaming live real-time from our VIVO Desktop, Mobile, Web, and Video Wall apps.

Live Video Broadcasting delivers the following outstanding features:

  • The industry's highest frame rate with up to 30 frames per second from each netOptic camera.
  • The industry's highest image quality resolution.
  • Live Video means “live and in real-time” with unlimited simultaneous authorized viewers, with no loss of image quality or frame rate.
  • No system software plugins required (a vast departure from traditional industry practice where additional software plugins are the norm).
  • Image delivery shared across an unlimited number of projects - at one location or distributed over multiple cities, states or countries.
  • Video feeds can be seamlessly integrated within your corporate website.

Promote and showcase your project with Live Video.

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